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Portable Cabins - Customize Portable Cabins - M.S. / G.I.

We manufacture a wide range of Portable Cabins.Portable Cabins are the best answer to your urgent requirement of site Office or Accommodations.These prefabricated cabins made from low maintenance materials that are easy to transport and install.

As one of India’s leading portable cabin manufacturer we have variety of choices to our clients in respective of your requirement of Portable Office Cabin, Portable Site Accomodation, Portable Pantry Unit, Portable Conference Hall and much more. Our Customize Solutions Of These Portable Cabins gives wide scope to get what you actually need and not to get by seller's choice.

Very strong and durable
Material : M.S. / G.I. / Puff
Easy To Move - Llift–n-Shift type
Cost Effective
Easy to maintain and clean

Portable Cabins Technical Specification:

  • Portable Cabin Shell:
  • The shell shall be fabricated from tested quality steel duly welded, comprising of base frame, peripheral structure, self draining roof, entry doors and of windows (as per requirement). The Four Top corners shall be sufficiently strengthened to facilitate transportation, lifting and placing.
  • Portable Cabin Base Frame:
  • The base frame shall be made of pressed mild steel channel section 100 x 50mm C Channel and 75x40mm C-Channel for Cross Sections.
  • Portable Cabin Side and End Walls:
  • The side and end frame shall be made out of pressed sections of suitable profiles/pillars of sufficient strength. Exterior wall shall be made up of 18 swg. MS specially corrugated sheet whereas 9 mm Pre laminated board will be used for interior walls. The steel sheet shall be treated for corrosion resistant. Panels shall be vertically corrugated, sheet shall be continuously welded to top side and base structure so as to offer better strength to weight ratio. All gaps will be sealed at edges and at seams, bottom etc to prevent ingress of moisture.
  • Portable Cabin Flooring:
  • On the bottom frame 19 mm thick Marine Plywood shall be fixed by means of self taping screw. PVC vinyl flooring shall be fixed on the panel.
  • Portable Cabin Roof:
  • Self draining type roof shall be made out of 18 swg. M.S. sheet, adequate roof bows are to be provided. Roof shall be adequately cambered for draining of rain water. Interior paneling shall be done in 9 mm Pre laminated boards with adequate insulation.
  • Portable Cabin Paints:
  • Epoxy Zinc Phosphate primer & synthetic Epoxy paint for final 2 coats. (Corrosion free and fire proof paints)
  • Portable Cabin Insulation
  • 50 mm thick Glass wool insulation shall be used for walls and 50 mm thick Glass wool insulation to be provided for roof.
  • Portable Cabin Windows:
  • Aluminum powder coated windows, sliding type shall be provided, made of aluminum section, 4 mm thick, clear vision glasses are to be fitted to it. All Windows shall be covered by safety Grills.
Note: We Manufacture Customize Cabins So all Technical Specifications will be Change as per Customers Requirement.
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